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Mar 9

Siri - Even with all the Hype still Underestimated? 

According to recent Scoople results, Siri is already taking away serious search traffic from Google on the iPhone 4s and may soon be influencing how we pick a new car.

As Internet use is shifting away from keyboard-centric devices, the basic method of interacting with the Internet is changing. No longer will the keyboard be the main conduit. 

Apple has recognized this with its acquisition and use of Siri - a sophisticated speech recognition service. Siri is available on Apple’s latest iPhone 4S version and is widely expected to become available in the near future on most other Apple products as well. 

We asked our Scoople users about the use of Siri for Internet search on their iPhone and we found that already 1/3 are using Siri for their search needs instead of Google (click on the info graphic for more information):

Siri’s power extends beyond phones. More than half of our users may chose to buy one car model over another based on Siri integration (click on the info graphic for more information): 

This powerful position enables Siri to pick what service will get the traffic for a particular request. If the user is looking to make a restaurant reservation, will it forward it to OpenTable or UrbanSpoon? If the user is searching for some facts, will WikiPedia or be its recipient? Siri enables Apple to be in control of these decisions.

Google, surprisingly, is playing catch-up, working feverishly to bring the Assistant project to market. Clearly, it has now recognized the powerful position Siri has grabbed with its early lead.

Update (3/12/12): Barrons’s Tech Trader Daily published an article on 3/9/12 about a Barclay’s research report with a similar conclusion as our user data suggests. 

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