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Feb 7

Is Your Smartphone The New Customer Loyalty Card? (SCOOPLE POLL)

If a new mobile-based survey is any indication, smartphones are set to become increasingly instrumental in harnessing customer loyalty.

In a recent poll conducted by social news app Scoople, some 73 percent of the 121 users surveyed said that they believed that Shopkick, a mobile app that gives users loyalty points and better deals whenever they repeat visit a store, would be successful in pushing in-store deals to their phones. In other words, they’d be happy to patronize a particular store if it translated to big rewards.

As smartphones become central to the retail experience, they’re being viewed primarily as tools that empower consumers.  A recent Pew report said that over half of all shoppers with cell phones used their phones for research before a purchase.

In another Scoople poll, 62 percent of the 343 users polled said that they had walked out of a store after finding a better deal on their phones.  

But user attitude toward Shopkick is an indication that that the space for mobile commerce innovation is still wide open.

There’s clearly a multitude of ways that the smartphone can be used – from deal-finder to customer loyalty card to review generator – to create a better experience for both the user and the retailer. The mobile commerce war is just getting started!

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